Learning Skills Report 200 words

Tutor – Jack Ruskin
Developing Research & Professional Practice
11 October 2014
How do I learn / What are my Strength’s and Weaknesses ?
Having now taken the “SWOT” analysis and the “Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire” I can honestly say that each style of learning is a completely new concept for me to consider, I have only ever thought that perhaps you were a doer or a procrastinator.
Considering my own learning skills and weaknesses from the experts point of view, some of the answers have really surprised me, while others I can completely relate to.
Thinking very carefully about my skills or lack of, I have been studying the area of “How we learn” with a very helpful book from the library, “Studying and learning at University, vital skills for success in your Degree by Alan Pritchard, published in (2008) by Sage Publications, ISBN 978-1-4129-2962-2.
What I now need to concentrate on, are my weaknesses, although I seem to have a lot in my favour, perhaps my age and being set in my ways is a major area for me to consider, as I now realise that there are more ways to learn and study.
For my future learning, I will endeavour to be more open minded and get in tune with new and different concepts of studying methods.


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