The Knot Family Tree

Hi, this term we are exploring Texture, Surface, Structure and Form, which I’m  find really interesting, the possibilities are endless..

Anyway I thought I’d share a little muse I’m having at the moment.

When I sit in my courtyard for a time of reflection, on the fence between the two courtyards are lots of knots, strange but as I look at them they seem to be looking back in a very interesting way….

May I be bold enough to introduce a branch of the “Knot” family to you, I’m rather hoping that you will find them as interesting as I do.

This is Mr Woodland Knot, his family and friends call him (Woody) or if he’s being particularly cantankerious (behind his back they call him Knot so !) it’s not that he wants to correct everyone, but he’s been hanging around  and observing things for a long time, and as so many older people do he thinks he knows better than anyone else.

He has a vey nice smiley eyes , and seems to be grinning a lot, like someone who thinks they know just a little more than you do. mmmm

I’m hoping to take “Woody” his friends and family to photoshop, draw them and hopefully discover other ways to bring them all to life.

If you have any suggestions or would like to see and hear more about the Branch of the Knot family let me know.


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