Critical thinking 300 words – Criteria 1. 2. 3.

1workBAI recently went on a field Trip to “Devon Guild of Craftsmen” at Bovey Tracy, Devon . While looking around the centre I came across  “Blandness Anderson’s” work in ceramic sculptures, they are hand made in either porcelain or clay

From my research into her techniques and materials used I see that there at least two geological categories of clay primary or residual clays, and secondaryBlandine Anderson - Pig or sedimentary clays.

Blandness uses a secondary clay – stone ware.

Secondary clays are those that have been eroded and carried away by water and earth movements to be deposited in sedimentary layers – Mattison S. The Complete Potter (2003) p 10

Porcelain clay bodies are the least plastic and the most difficult to throw and hand build because working time is critical, with a narrow margin between the clay being too soft and too dry. And they must be handled carefully because they are extremely fragile (Ibid p10)

All her works are unique and cannot be repeated. Blandness uses slab building methods, ( 1.12.14 These are the simplest type of mould to make, but they can be used to create beautiful forms (Ibid p 50) and pinch (allows you to create individual characteristics. (Ibid p 44) followed by modelling and carving. No moulds or repeat methods are used within the building process except for some tiny sprigged animals in some of the smaller landscapes. Stencilled and informed details are added before the first firing. Colours are applied as slips, glazes, oxides, enamels and lustres.Works are fired at least three times, the highest temperature being 1230 Centigrade. (

I was first introduced to Blandness’s  work in Dartmouth at the “Higher Steet Gallery” where Blandine is exhibiting her work for sale, so I have been able to look at my leisure and take note of the diversity of materials used. She has a unique ability to tell a story, and it is not hard to tell where these beautiful animals live and roam. They seem so delicate and yet robust the surface is rugged like the terrain and the colours in her glazing techniques are so natural and near to nature.hare



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