Amazing Winter road trip – Criteria 1.2.3.

Over the Christmas holiday did an amazing trip from Devon to Edinburgh for the “Hogmanay Celebrations”.

From Dartmouth to Edwinstowe in Nottinghamshire was our first destination, to celebrate with family and friends. A refreshing walk around Rufford lake with a  stop for coffee at the Rufford Gallery is always a real treat.

Browsing the gallery I was introduced to “Kerry Mosley’s” work. Kerry is a Textile Artist and Designer Maker, her work is so intricate and stylish it blew me away.

After a relaxing Christmas break with dear friends, we travelled onto Durham to meet up with family. We stayed with Judith and Brian, I was just fasinated by Brian’s rug designs which are hand knotted, he is at the moment in the process of designing for the RHS Lindley Collection.

A Visiting Durham Cathedral, which again was so inspiring, what I found fascinating were the marble pillars, using local marble which is quite dark they were so smooth with fossils inside (wow) I couldn’t begin to imagine how they would be handcrafted they were huge.

Then onto Edinburgh for the “Hogamany” celebrations. Again my
senses were alive with all the wonderful architecture around us from Cathedrals to the Castle, visiting the galleries we came across  an exhibition at the “The Fruitmarket Gallery” of Stan Douglas presenting a collection of his photograph’s, truly iconic. He is a photographer aclown, 1946 by stan douglasnd film maker  investigating mistaken identity and unstable memory, reconstruction, reinvention and the long shadows the past cast into the present.

Then back home to the stunning River Dart, I hope you enjoyed my journey.


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