Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to even consider issues like “Gender Equality”,  when we are thinking of our future approach to the work place?

As  a class we are preparing for a 2,000 word essay, and we will be discussing “issues” for the next four weeks. Those issues will include Social, Global, Cultural, Religious, Political and Financial etc.

And how any of the above mentioned might impact on our future in the Design / Craft Industry.

We might think it a just a subject that effects other people, but evidence suggests the opposite to be true. The recent tragedies in Paris, and the concerns for the Jewish communities in England, will be making most of us very aware of Global issues. And make us very aware that what we write/make or publish has consequences.

But what about equal pay, equality and diversity gender issues, how do we feel about it? does it bother us that men predominantly get paid more than women? or that men are given more value in the work place?

Through history we are aware of amazing women who have made a difference to how we live in England today, but in some ways I believe we still have a long way to go.

My view is that nothing is ever just about us, we have to choose to make the world a better place, to stand up for what we believe, (equal opportunities for all ) and be an inspiration to future generations let others see that it’s not just about the taking, but the giving and sharing of the knowledge and creativity we have learned from past generations and pioneers of change.


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