Crisis of confidence – criteria 1.2.3.

I have just read another magazine from our library (what an amazing source of inspiration) but its thrown me.

Let me explain, at the moment I’m in the middle of a new brief called “Duplicating Form” and trying very hard to find a design that I like and is contemporary “different”.

I’m sixty and have gone through six decades of different style’s. My teenage years were spent in the sixties a fabulous time of changing style and pushing the boundaries.

But what about now?

The magazine/journal I’ve just read is “Ceramics, Art and Perception- 2014- issue 95. In the editorial by Elaine O Henry, she has quoted a comment by “Nils Lou, ceramics artist, writer, teacher and wood firer”, he talked about his philosophy of pursing art. “Don’t try to see where you want (the art piece) to go, but allow the process to take you on the magical journey”.

While all of the articles in the magazine are amazing, lots of it I just don’t get, and I’m asking the question (but what do I like?)

This could be a very healthy question to ask at this stage of my journey, or I could just be lost!

I know I like natural forms I’m heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau style, which I have always admired from a distance, and I’ve certainly grown up through an age of visual /eclectic looks. I like the industrial look, with it’s clean lines, functionality and stunning colours. But I also get excited about “nature” with all it’s complexities.

Perhaps I should take up meditating, and just hope that something pops into my head, that I have the confidence to design?


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