Personal Development

Personal Development Plan

Name: Valerie Iliffe

Where am I now?

Coming to the end of my first year “3D Contemporary Design”

This has been a very interesting journey for me, and has stretched my creative imagination, and organisational skills.

I’m still finding it a challenge to think outside skills I already have, and move more into the Contemporary arena.

Working in the different workshops/mediums has been really interesting, and I certainly want to experience more.









Where do I want to be?

Confident and able to execute, my design ideas. To take the skills I have learned back into the “voluntary sector” and work with individuals with special needs.

To bring awareness of how helpful and therapeutic, “making, craft and design” can be in the healing process.








How can I get there?

Time Scale



Start Date


End Date


Evidenced by




To complete my first year, and embrace all the different concepts of design completing my briefs with a much deeper understanding.

To continue to draw more of my ideas/design, and log my progress effectively.

28.2.15 30.6.15 Good results

To continue to embrace, all the different workshop environments, with a confidence, in design.

To have a clear comprehension of organisational skills needed to complete each module of the course.

To complete my second year, with a good grade.

To have the knowledge and confidence, to showcase my product and skills in a secure business environment?

Sept/15 30.6.16 Good results

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