The imprecision of the handmade aesthetic- Criteria 1.


IMG_0819 Work in progress Calla Lily Light shade, made using the free stitch process

Do you ever feel that your the only one who thinks about the concepts of design and make, in a particular way?

While I was pondering the wisdom of my design and the medium I was using, ( free stitch Calla Lily Light shade) Tony gave me a really interesting article to look at on Friday.

The article is about a “Alison Berger” showing some of her amazing light designs, inspired by scientific apparatus.

Aware of the ongoing battle between “Craft and Design” I just  love it when people won’t be “pigeon holed”.

‘Based in Los Angeles, Berger mainly creates lighting, but also furniture and other objects, all using traditional Italian glass-blowing techniques. Their shapes reference history, nature and science , from chemistry, astronomy, meteorology and maritime apparatus, to natural phenomenon such as fireflies, constellations and raindrops’.

She goes on to say, ‘I love the misshapen quality of items made without industrial precision” she says that she wants the pieces to be brother and sisters, not identical’.

Lighting is so much more about what happens once a piece is in its space.

Reading this article has given me the confidence to pursue my vision, to incorporate my traditional skills with my design idea, for a modern and up to date look to my lighting designs. Berger Book.pdf


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