Ageing disgracefully

Read an interesting article in Elle Decoration recently called “Ageing disgracefully”by Simon Doonan . he advocates lifelong eccentricity, asking questions like (are you to comfortable? you might be trying too hard to be sensible, thereby losing what’s left of your youthful spontaneity. And who came up with the whole concept of age-appropriate style, A narrow minded poo-poo head is his reply.

Retirement sounded really good to me a couple of years ago, then I tried it and got so bored with the routine of housework and the regular shopping outing, that I decided to do an Art & Design course at college, (although I do miss my veggie plot)  I personally see no reason why we the bus pass set should go quietly into the night or be subject to dreary sartorial rules”. Au contraire.

This has lead me to undertake a 3D Contemporary design course at Uni, and while it has stretched me beyond belief, it has given new insights to the world of design. And also raised some very interesting points, which I will discuss in my next blog.

Newsflash: good taste and bad taste don’t exist. They are subjective concepts that were invented by annoying, snooty, tyrannical people to oppress the rest of us, and they are irrelevant for our times.

I love the way Doonan writes, (Why frown when you can smile)  If like me you are from the baby boomers generation, are a creatively adventurous and you find yourself on the receiving end of any discouraging reproaches, please disregard them, style is life-enhancing and age minimum.

( October 2014)


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