The everyday quest of a wannabe “New Designer” !

I’m trying hard to acquire my own philosophy and design style, with regard to my design ethics, which are very much “a make do & mend” way of thinking and lifestyle.

It is my opinion that new designers should insist on the originality of their work based on a pure concept, and not on trends. But hey! that might be easier said than done?

Wim Crouwel (b.1928, Groningen, born in the Netherlands) was inspired by the founders of modernism and developed a unique typographic design based on their principles.[1]

According to Crouwel: “You are always a child of your time, you cannot step out of that!” So why close our eyes to the rules and styles around us? Are we always looking for something unique and new, even at the cost of comprehension? After all, if someone is able to create a modern design it just means that they are able to express the spirit of our time!

My senses are bombarded by what I see around me, but I find It thought-provoking to witness how many of today’s “professional” designers create “impersonal” applications, characteristically made for the consumer.

According to the Cambridge dictionary “Originality”Is the quality of being special and interesting and not the same as anything or anyone else:[2]

So as I begin my new brief at Uni, I will continue to explore and try to inspire myself with new ideas, but just maybe stay a little hip!





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