Designing and Marketing with a conscience


Asking myself some deep questions, what do I think “Branding” my creations should mean to my potential customers and me.

If an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. What exactly does “branding” mean?

I believe that there are some very well thought out strategies in the market place with regard to “Branding” and “Marketing” your creations. But If your brand is your promise to your customer, and tells them what they can expect from you your product and services, how should it differentiate your contribution from that of your competitors.

It is my strong belief that your brand is derived from who you are, you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

In an emergent world of consumerism, do we just want to make money or are our intentions deeper than that? After all we are creators of amazing designs with good intentions.

 How do we achieve that? just follow the crowd?, or do we just reproduce the ideals laid down before us?

I believe to find a viable benefit, should be something we do as individual designers that is something unique.

If we have taken the time and effort to think outside the box, by designing and creating an object that we believe has a story and meaning of its own, that will benefit our potential consumers, then surely we can also think about branding and marketing that product outside the norms of todays, mass production mentality.

Mission, vision, goals, and objectives tend to transform over time. So it is vitally important when developing value propositions, that we as designers should deliver clear considerations and value to them, when embarking on this new endeavor.


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