Valerie Iliffe

25 Mashford Ave 




01803 839697


I left school with no formal education in 1969 and worked in the local textile factories.

After marrying in 1975, while raising my two children and fostering two children, I worked from home as a seamstress, designing and making “Bridle Wear”, and also ran a Bed & Breakfast from our home.

During and after raising my children, my working life was as a head Chef. And working in the voluntary sector for almost forty years, working with drug addicts through to rehabilitation.

I have always been very involved with “Crafts” using traditional skills.

I have a passion to work with people with disabilities, and would like to set up my own workshop/support organisation, providing help and support through Design and Craft.

I believe I have strong organisational skills, and enjoy working along side other people with similar desires, who have a passion to support the community.

The furniture re-cycle project “ResTored” aired in 1993 on BBC “Songs of Praise”

June 1990       City & Guilds

Cookery for the Catering Business                                            Credit

October 2003 Intermediate Certificate in food safety               Credit

April 2004       Management Skills for Tourism

August 2014    BTEC Level 3 Subsidairy Diploma

In Art and Design                                                                       Merit

2000        ResTored – Manager

I  see the worthiness of the project and results of my voluntary work, through the people I meet on a daily basis.

And I have learned a great deal about, the daily running of a voluntary organisation, book keeping, office administration, computer skills, meeting planning and working with people with disabilities of all kinds.

2004  –  Supporter and volunteer – Children Walking Tall – Shermina Maxspencer

To be instrumental in the setting up of the organisation and the joy of seeing street children being supported on a daily basis and their happy faces. Also that anything can be achieved through determined compassion.

1984 – 2000   

My position was head chef at the Endsleigh Hotel, with 30 covers. My responsibilities involved  cooking, organising and executing the daily running of a restaurant, Menu’s, food ordering and  organising  and supporting the  kitchen and waiting staff

2013-14  –  Completed a foundation course in Art & Design

2000 – Set up and ran a furniture re-cycle project called “ResTored” in Dartmouth for eight years, with the help of volunteers from various backgrounds. The BBC Songs of Praise aired the project in 2004. Through this project I also ran a “Credit Union” banking system, again helping to  support the  local community working from the shop premises.

As a result of the above project, it was able to help set up and support financially a project called “Children Walking Tall” in Goa, India. Supporting street children with food, shelter and education.

My husband has been a church minister and I operated these organisations through the church, with the help of volunteers.

I have been privileged to return to Goa on several occasions over the years to support the charity “Children Walking Tall”


Shermina Maxspencer – Children Walking Tall- Nottingham

Mr. M. Smith – Endsleigh Hotel

Mr G. Newman – South Devon College


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